La Baule International Bridge Festival 2018

baie de La Baule

Dear friends

First of all, I’d like to thank Jean François Nguyen for six years of presidency at the service of the festival.

The new team and I will do everything to not disappoint you and to hear at the end of the festival:" i can’t wait for next year, we had a great time ".

We do not lack ideas. They will appear gradually on this site and some only for the festival. We must maintain the suspense!

The website has been done again, and becomes independent of the La Baule’s bridge club (while maintaining an internet link with the BCCA), in order to simplify the life of the festival-goers, and allow them to obtain quickly all the useful informations about this festival: dates of the tournaments, fees, endowments, results (quickly displayed), accommodations at preferential prices for bridge players ...

The festival must be the party for all the bridge players, from top to the non grade, that's why, the prices will be widely increased (3500€ for example to the first pair of open pair), and all pairs will be rewarded. No-one will leave without a gift. In the same way, classifications by rankings (for FFB’s players or equivalence) will be created, in order to reward all the series of players, and different masters will be runned :

• FFB’s 1st National, Spade or Heart

• FFB’s 1st Diamond or Club

• FFB’s 2nd series

• FFB’s 3rd, 4th or unranked.

The endowments will be assumed, whatever the attendance.

I stop there, I already said too much.

Kind regards and see you soon.

Festival’s president,
Dominique Beaumier.